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  • S: Bagaimana Kalau saya terlupa kata laluan?
  • J:Anda boleh mendapatkan Kata laluan anda semula di laman utama pada bahagian lupa katalaluan. Anda di perlukan memberi nama atau email dan kata laluan akan di hantar melalui email anda..
  • Q: The AGPL in Section 2(d) requires, that any modified version of the program runned public (ie. on the Internet) must have an additional download facility for the modified version. I'm all for sharing the template i make and modifications. I'm just not sure how I'm expected to go about doing that?
  • A:You could make an menu item 'Download' with link to a zipped file with your mods. I am not interested in including other copyright holders code in CMSimple, because then I won't have the full copyright on it. I'll leave it up to users of CMSimple to contact the siteowners, if they want a modification not available to download. If they are denied getting the modification, they may ask me to get me involved. It is questionable, which kind of modifications falls under AGPL, and which falls under other copyright restrictions. I believe template modifications fall under the AGPL - it could be a violation of the copyrights on graphics used with the template to make it a part of an AGPL system. Therefore I recommend the protection license for most sites.
  • Q: As a Reseller may I sell CMSimple under a different name?
  • A:You are allowed to sell CMSimple as a part of a hosting or design product under a different name, but you should somewhere in your marketing information write, that the solution is based on CMSimple. You are not allowed to change or remove the copyright statement in the top of cms.php - but you could add a statement, that it is manifactured by you.
  • Q: Why purchase a commercial licence?
  • A:Please see answer in the Purchase License section.
  • Q: If I have more than one CMSimple site at one domain, do I need additional licenses?
  • A:The license is bound for one domain. As long as only one domain is pointing to the installations (no matter which technology is used), you may have as many subsites or subdomains as you like at that domain covered by one commercial license. Please note: You cannot register free or commercial domain name services like co.uk or de.vu - only subdomains to these.
  • Q:If I have more than one domain pointing to the same site, do I need to pay for an additional license for that?
  • A:The license is bound for one domain. If other domains are pointing to the installation (no matter which technology is used), you'll have to purchase licenses for these domains.
  • Q: If I change my domain name, can I have the domain name for my license changed?
  • A:The domain registered for a license is not subject to be changed.


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